Carpet Cleaning & Installation

Carpet Cleaning Keeps Your Carpet Soft and Beautiful


At Wool Rug Repair, carpet and rug cleaning is our business and we service both residential and commercial clients across the Gramercy Park and Murray Hill neighborhoods, as well as New York City. Because it gets so cold in the winter, we understand why carpet is popular with our clients – it’s soft, luxurious and provides plenty of warmth. But we also understand that it has to be taken care of, to keep its fluffy feel and pleasant smell and that’s hard to do without regular cleaning.


Green Eco-Friendly Solutions To Keep You Safe


What many people don’t understand is that lurking deep in your carpet fibers are all kinds of things that shouldn’t be there – not just dirt and grime but also dust mites and allergens. To rid your carpet of them you need a deep clean, which is where we come in.


We use green, eco-friendly solutions because we think the health of you and your family is a top priority. And our techniques are guaranteed to go deep down into the carpet’s fibers, usings jets of hot water to blast away stains, grime, pet urine and odors. Spilled red wine or coffee on your carpet? Smelling the horrid odor or pet urine? Don’t worry, we can deal with it and once we’re through you will not believe the difference.


Two Tank Machines That Guarantee A Deep Clean


At Wool Rug Repair, we only use the best machinery which, in this case, is an industrial cleaner with two separate water tanks. The first one is filled with clean water which we used to spray onto your carpet. The second is used for extracting the dirty water. Because the two tanks are kept apart, this ensures a really good deep clean. .


Moreover, we are able to calibrate the machine to ensure that the water pressure given is specific to your carpet’s needs.


Finally, we’ll give your carpet a final inspection, straighten the fringes and align the pile. By now it should look good and smell fantastic. All you need to do now is wait about 4 to 6 hours before it’s ready to walk on.


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Deep Cleaning Is The Way To Go


Our state-of-the-art machinery and well-tested techniques involve the following steps.


Firstly we inspect the carpet, to work out what condition it is in and how it can be best cleaned.


Then we give it a good, powerful vacuum, to remove grime and dirt from the fibers.


Next, we use an eco-friendly conditioning spot and stain removing product, which is fantastic for getting out grease, coffee, red wine and pet urine stains.


Onto the deep cleaning – we use a hot water extraction technique and our industrial machinery has two separate water tanks, so clean and dirty water don’t mix at any time.


And that’s a real deep clean

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